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"I was a skeptic of Psychic Mediums until I met Natalie Tomlinson, she is brilliant and will blow you away, I promise!"
Denise Richards Actress /Model | 2010

"Natalie has been a true blessing in my life! She is not only my Psychic, she is also my friend. Her words of wisdom and intuitive guidance has changed my life! She said 'Be careful on high heels, I was going to fall'. On season 2 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta not 3 weeks after my reading I went tumbling down in 6 inch heels. I could go on and on with situations that Natalie said would happen that have, but see for yourself. "
Kim Zolciak, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Bravo Network | 2010

"Just 7 hours after the reading yesterday I had a phone conversation with my sister in Bulgaria. I asked her if she had visited our mothers' grave for her birthday on July 17. She said 'no' but she was just there Saturday the 28th with a friend of hers and left beautiful flowers for her grave. Our reading was Sunday morning, a 10 hour difference between L.A. and Bulgaria. So they bought the flowers 12 hours before your reading, in which you saw my mother holding bouquet of flowers. It was just amazing!!"
Zarko Garmidolov | 2009

"Dear Natalie, Thank you again for the reading. Remember you kept telling me a name Mabel Mae- these two names? That is my great grand mothers name 'Maybel-Mae'. I'd not known her name! I've told several people about you.You have enriched my life, strenghthed my faith. I will be back to see you. Much love,"
Suzanne, Photographer | 2008

"Natalie is like the beautiful fairy Godmother we all wish we had growing up. Her magical ways and angelic energy bring instant peace to any situation you may be facing. I'm blessed to have her on my speed dial. "
-Dina Manzo (former housewife of New Jersey)

"I was amazed by Natalie's accuracy! Her predictions have been right on at work, family and love issues. This lady needs her own show" .
Diana Steele, Hot92 Jamz/Radio FM, morning show host. | 2008

"Do you want to know your future, told to you by a warm, sympathetic, spot-on psychic? Natalie is better than bloody good. She's the best. Every reading I've had with Natalie has been amazingly accurate. And she delivers the information to you with a caring, sensitive approach, so there's nothing to be afraid of. This girl is awesome! She's the only psychic I recommend to anyone wanting to truly find out their future. Thanks, Nat!"
- Karen Crane

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